Dr. Sarah Pearson

Astrophysicist, Science Communicator & Public Speaker


Sarah Pearson is a NASA Hubble Fellow at New York University, where she does research on galactic dynamics. Her research focus is primarily stellar streams and what they can teach us about dark matter. Pearson's two passions are astrophysics research and communicating astrophysics. She has extensive experience giving lectures to both scientific peers and to non-scientific audiences. Follow these links for more details on her Publications (ADS), CV (pdf), and Research.

(9/2023) Apply to join my group at U. Copenhagen! The application deadline is Nov. 1st: Phd position and postdoc position
(6/2023) Read my latest Danish column in Weekendavisen: Er der liv derude?
(5/2023) Check out UC San Diego PhD student, Christian Aganze's, new paper on gap detection in extragalactic streams with the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope: arxiv: 2305.12045.
(02/2023) I received the Marie Curie Fellowship (EUR 230k) for U. Copenhagen starting December 2023.
(01/2023) I received the Villum Young Investigator grant (EUR 1.1 million) to start a group as assistant professor at U. Copenhagen in December 2023.