Dr. Sarah Pearson

Astrophysicist, Science Communicator & Public Speaker


Sarah Pearson is a Danish astrophysicist with a PhD degree from Columbia University in New York. She currently holds a NASA Hubble Fellowship at New York University. Sarah's two passions are astrophysics research and communicating astrophysics. She has extensive experience giving lectures to both scientific peers and to non-scientific audiences including adults, teens and children.


(5/2023) Check out UC San Diego PhD student, Christian Aganze's, new paper on gap detection in extragalactic streams with the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope: arxiv: 2305.12045

(02/2023) I received the Marie Curie Fellowship (EUR 230k) for U. Copenhagen starting December 2023.

(01/2023) I received the Villum Young Investigator grant (EUR 1.1 million) to start a group as assistant professor at U. Copenhagen in December 2023!

(01/2023) My new column about time, infinity, and the future of the Universe is out in Weekendavisen: Read it here.