Dr. Sarah Pearson

Astrophysicist, Science Communicator & Public Speaker

Credit: Kim Albrecht, Cosmic Web

Tips & tricks for junior academics
On this page you can find tips and tricks that I've collected throughout my journey as an academic. I've spent most of my academic career in the US, so some of the blog posts are geared towards, but not limited to, the US academic experience. The topics of the blog posts are either inspired by questions that I have received from students that I work with, questions from students on my "life-of-a-scientist"-Instagram account, or subjects that I couldn't find clear guidance on when I was a graduate student myself. Note that all blog posts are subjective and based on my own experience.

(2022-04-02): How to make the most out of a conference.
(2022-04-02): Things that I wish I knew before starting graduate school.
(2022-04-02): How to prepare for an academic presentation.
(2022-04-02): How to handle questions during an academic presentation.
(2022-04-02): How to write your first academic papers.
(2022-04-02): How to write a postdoc application.