Dr. Sarah Pearson

Astrophysicist, Science Communicator & Public Speaker

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Sarah is a passionate science communicator with an emphasis on providing audiences with entertaining, clear and factual presentations. She believes the responsibility lies with the communicator: if anyone walks away confused - she has failed. As Sarah is an active researcher within her field, she provides a unique perspective on the current state of science, which she includes in her presentations.

Lecture 1

From the Big Bang to the Milky Way today

Lecture 2

Is there life out there?
The current state of search for extraterrestrial planets

Lecture 3

Dark Matter
Does it exist and how will we detect it?

All presentations are available in either Danish or English, and Sarah gladly tailors her talks depending on the specific event (please specify in form below).


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'It's great seeing a young scientist take the time and make the effort to communicate her science in a comprehensible and entertaining manner.'
- Andreas Mogensen, Dansish Astronaut

'Sarah has already made remarkable contributions both to her field of science and to the popular dissemination of it. She has demonstrated originality, imagination, and efficiency as well as perseverance in her scientific conduct.'
- Danish Women in Phyiscs Prize Committee, 2017